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Equipment Financing

When a business is in need of equipment and doesn’t want to dip into cash reserves or their bank line, equipment financing is the way to go. That’s why Selex ES Inc. a Leonardo Company has entrusted Milestone Bank to provide financing options to their customers. No matter the type of business, Selex ES Inc. a Leonardo Company and Milestone Bank will help you secure the proper equipment to efficiently compete and flourish.

Selex ES Inc. a Leonardo Company

Selex ES Inc. is a leading provider of Leonardo Land Mobile Radios (LMR) and ELSAG License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR). Our LMR business, in Overland Park, KS, offers DMR, P25 and Tetra solutions and services to Utilities, Public Safety, Transportation and Large Enterprises.   In Greensboro, NC, our LPR Team manufactures, installs and supports the most advanced LPR systems for local, state, and federal public safety agencies as well as parking authorities and access control companies.